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We review smokers and teach you how to smoke meat like a pro.

We love meat! We know you do too. So we started a website to help people find the best smokers and learn how to smoke meat like a pro. Our website is full of reviews on smokers, cooking tips, and recipes for smoking different types of meats. We also have articles about the science behind smoking meat and tricks for making your smoker more efficient. If you’re looking for some good barbecue ideas or want to buy a new smoker, you’re in the right place!

Electric Smokers
Electric smokers are a great option for first-time meat smokers. These smokers provide ease of use and control.

Charcoal Smokers
Charcoal smokers are the best there are because of the tenderness and robust flavor that cannot be recreated any other way.

Propane Gas Smokers
Propane gas smokers are incredible when it comes to portability and affordability. They’re also perfect for beginners.

Pellet Smokers
Pellet smokers are the new kid on the block. Fueled by wood pellets, they are similar to traditional wood and charcoal smokers.

Offset Smokers
Offset Smokers are most often used by pros and experienced cooks. It’s a classic smoker with many benefits.

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