My name is Milton “The Smokemaster” Greenaway and I’m addicted to meat smoking and barbeque. I love to cook meat long and slow. My recipes are often thick with garlic, onion, jalapeno pepper and my own blend of herbs and spices. I’ve always loved cooking but it wasn’t until about 10 years ago that I discovered barbeque.

I had been living in Texas for a few years at the time and came across the phrase “low and slow”. I didn’t understand what it meant at first but, after some thought, it became clear. Low heat for a long time makes meat really tender and delicious!

So I bought myself an offset smoker and started experimenting. That’s when I became a “Smokemaster”.

I live in Texas with my beautiful wife and two children. You can often find me at the local meat market or grocery store looking for something new to smoke. If you want some advice on smoking, hit me up!

I love what I do and hope you enjoy reading about my adventures in barbeque as much as I do living them.