Gas Smokers

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Here are the best gas smokers in 2020:

Landmann Smoky Mountain Vertical 3495GLA5.0See latest price
Smoke Hollow 44″Lp Pro Series5.0See latest price
Landmann 3405GLA Two Drawer4.9See latest price
Palm Springs 42 Inch Vertical LP4.8See latest price
Landmann 3495BGW Smoky Mountain Vertical4.5See latest price

If you love grilling and barbecuing, then you need to have the best gas smoker in your possession. The quality of the gas smoker will enhance the quality of the meals you make. The following are five options that you can review so that you can choose the smoker that can truly meet your needs.

Factors to consider while choosing the perfect gas smoker

Here are some of the factors to consider while buying a good gas smoker:

1- Consider the size of a gas smoker.

Gas smokers are available in a wide choice of sizes. Ranging from a small, efficient individual gas smoker to a gas smoker that is big enough to cook for a crowd of people. In choosing the size of a gas smoker, the choice varies from person to person.

2- Type of gas smoker and type of fuel that it will be using

Aside from size, another consideration when choosing a barbecue smoker is the type of fuel that it will be using. The choices on what fuel to use for your gas smoker include wood, gas, electricity and charcoal. Some of the more flexible smokers can also use two or more of the aforementioned fuel. The choice on what fuel to make really depends on what you prefer in smokers are known to be the more economical choice.

3- Consider the price charged

The smokers range from anywhere in between $50 to $10,000 from which you can pick up the best that suits your needs depending on the required capacity and usage of the product. You also need to decide the fuel type that you want to use in the smokers as different fuels often offer varied flavors to the smoked meat.

4- Support offered by the company

If you wish to buy a gas smoker check out for the company that offers after sales and maintenance service for you. To find the best gas smokers go through the reviews offered by customers who have already used them to enjoy a good meal of smoked meat.

5 Top rated gas smoker reviews of 2019

When buyers have decided to purchase a gas smoker, it is important that they find the best. Thankfully, there is a list of the top choices available that can assist potential buyers with making an informed decision. The decisions made is normally based on the features that people love and prefer. So, for those of you who want to buy the best gas smokers that you can find, you can start by reviewing the three that have been provided to you below.

  • Inch Smoky Mountain Vertical Gas Smoker by Landmann USA 3495GLA
  • 44″Lp Gas Smoker by Smoke Hollow Pro Series
  • 3405GLA by Landmann USA Two Drawer – Heat Saving “Smoky Mountain” Gas Smoker, 524-Square Inch, Black
  • Palm Springs 42 Inch Vertical LP Gas Smoker
  • Landmann USA 3495BGW Smoky Mountain Vertical Gas Smoker, 34-Inch

Inch Smoky Mountain Vertical Gas Smoker by Landmann USA 3495GLA

The Landman USA 3495GLA is a sturdy model that has many features that can improve the quality of the meat. One feature that it sports is its wide stance legs. The wide stance legs makes it almost impossible for the unit to fall down. The 13,500 BTU unit also has controls that you can use to adjust the heat and a temperature gauge on the outside of the burner so that you can always see exactly what temperature you are cooking at. The unit also has some convenience features that set it apart from other models. One feature that does that is the water pan and chip box placement. Both of those items are separate from the main door. Keeping those things separate prevents heat loss that usually occurs when people open the main door.

Our #1 Pick: Inch Smoky Mountain Vertical Gas Smoker


landmann best vertical gas smokerThe burner weighs a little bit less than 53 pounds and has dimensions of 18 x 21 x 43.2 inches. Consumers have rated it with 3.6 stars out of five, which is an above-average rating. Anyone who is considering purchasing this model should consider the consumer reviews for the best vertical gas smoker. People who tried this Smokey Mountain model claimed that they received an amazing value and that the unit performed well when it came to cooking. Users also raved about the variety of meats that they were able to make with this model. This can easily fit into the category of the best natural gas smokers or the best gas smoker grill combo.It is capable of creating delicious, succulent meats like chicken and beef.


  • Perfectly constructed handlesWater pan in separate area from doorEasy assembly


  • Smoke may leak Not the sturdiest welding Could use porcelain coated grates

Our Rating 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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44″Lp Gas Smoker by Smoke Hollow Pro Series

The Lp Gas Smoker by Smoke Hollow is a rib maker’s heaven. The item stands 44″ tall and has a smorgasbord of delightful features. One of the attractive features that it has is its see-through door. The see-through door lets you see exactly whats going on with your meat so you don’t have to guess whether you are preparing it properly or not.

Our #2 Pick: 44 inch Lp Gas Smoker by Smoke Hollow Pro Series


smoke hallow lpg best gas smokerThe Features that you will find in this model are features such as porcelain-coated wood chip panels, jerky cooking grids and 12,000 BTU. The unit also has a porcelain-coated water pan. It weights 113 pounds and is highly unlikely to lose its footing. Many consumers love this model because of its sturdiness and solidity.
Consumers created the model with more than four stars out of five. They refer to its high quality and strong foundation when they leave comments about it. Another positive factors that user comment about is the amount of meat that it can accommodate a lot of meat.


  • SturdySpaciousCreates good tasting meat


  • Water pan could be wider or biggerNeeds to have cast iron wood chip pans

Our Rating 4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)

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3405GLA by Landmann USA Two Drawer – Heat Saving “Smoky Mountain” Gas Smoker, 524-Square Inch, Black

The manufacturer focused on the owner’s ability to move the burner to different locations and access its contents easily. This particular model has two huge handles on each side so that the owner can move it to different parts of the yard or in and out of storage. It also comes with a special “cool grip” handle on the front of the unit so that the user can get a quick look at the meat. The two drawers on the front have a couple of huge handles of their own.

Our #3 Pick: 3405GLA by Landmann USA Two Drawer Gas Smoker


landmann gas smokerThe burner comes with three adjustable cooking grates made of chrome, and it has super stable legs under its foundation. The water pan and wood chip box are crafted of fine porcelain and cast iron respectively. Customers have left he unit ratings of 3.7 stars out of five. Their main points of praise had to do with its value and space accommodations. The not-so-wonderful comments had to do with its build.


  • Good foodLots of featuresEasy to move around


  • Needs frequent refillsCould be a bit sturdier than it is.

Our Rating 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

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Palm Springs 42 Inch Vertical LP Gas Smoker

This 14,500 BTU 42 inch smoker gets right down to business. It has four grids, four racks and four layers. The person who is cooking can put up to 113 pounds on each one of the racks.

Our #4 Pick: Palm Springs 42 Inch Vertical LP Gas Smoker


palm spring lpg vertical gas smokerThe consumers who used this product either loved it or hated it. The ones who loved it said they loved it so much because of its ease of use and the joy that people had when they used it. The people who didn’t praise it seemed to have a problem with its size.


  • Strong and sturdyStylishFeature Packed


  • Less-than desirable constructionMay be smaller than expected

Our Rating 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

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Landmann USA 3495BGW Smoky Mountain Vertical Gas Smoker, 34-Inch

This model has a large area for cooking as well as a full-sized door, wide stance legs, a brass cap, adjustable heat control, an a steel water pan. This unit can stand quite a bit of us, so don’t be shy if you get this model. Use to its full potential.

Our #5 Pick:Landmann USA 3495BGW Smoky Mountain Vertical Gas Smoker, 34-Inch


landmann vertical gas smokerConsumers have rated this option with 4.6 stars for a variety of reasons. Consumers appreciated the unit’s sturdiness and its affordable price. The customers that did not appreciate this model didn’t appreciate it because of its knob placement.You may like the know placement, so don’t hold too much weight in the those comments.


Quick assmeblyStudy buildGuarantee


Possible Thermostat issues

Now you have an idea of some of the best gas grill smoker combo. Choose from the vast assortment of options to find the perfect gas smoker to meet your needs.You should be able to find one from this list.

Our Rating 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

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Types and comparison of gas smokers

Aside from the practical reasons for using gas smokers, the taste that you achieve with a well-marinated meat cooked with the right gas smoker accessories will provide restaurant delicious results.

Smoking has actually now become one of the finest methods to cook meat and other eatables.Smoker grills have given us an innovative twist to cooking the food by getting it done slowly. Slow and low flame cooking gives the eatables an excellent flavor.

When you cook on regular barbecue grills through direct flame from the charcoal or propane, charring or burning can happen. Such kind of prepared items could be quite unhealthy and could also deteriorate its taste. On the contrary, when you are cooking them up on smoke grills such high temperature is not required. Here the food is cooked on low flames thereby guaranteeing perfection both taste and health wise. Apart from giving the food a different aroma grilling also keeps the meat tender.

Therefore you would get the eatable crispy yet moist in the end. There are many types of smoker grills available in the market nowadays. The difference lies in the fuel used i.e. charcoal, gas or electric ones. But the oldest and still the popular among them is the charcoal one. These ovens consist of two chambers, in one of them the coal is burnt to create smoke which is sent to the other chamber where the food is kept to be cooked.

Vertical gas smoker

Vertical smokers, such as any kind of cooking gadget using fire, must be dealt with care. Grills and smokers existing unique difficulties because people usually use them outdoors. If you work with gas as a fuel for the smoker, make sure your hose pipe, nozzles, and regulator tend to be in good shape.

Gasoline may drip through all of those and catch fire from the ignition or even through fireplace within the smoker. Also, check the smoker constantly if you’re cooking food having a really low warmth environment to ensure it’s still heading and not just spewing gas.

Along with charcoal vertical smokers, be careful with increased charcoal. Within the daylight, sparks, as well as flying sparks, could be tough to capture. Put your vertical smoker at a distance from flammables. When the climate may be dried out, keep the smoker away from wooded areas and ensure you have properly watered your own yard lately.

Gas smoker grill combo

Gas smoker grill combo is popular for the cook who wants to be active during the cooking process. Many cooks swear by the charcoal flavor. When wood chips or chunks are added to the charcoal, the flavor cannot be beaten. When you get the hang of adjusting the vents to stabilize the temperature you can cook almost anything on a charcoal smoker or grill combo. There are excellent recipes for pork, beef, chicken, seafood and all kinds of vegetables. Even some desserts can be cooked on a charcoal smoker or grill.

Grill combo that uses propane gas as a fuel is sometimes easier to control than charcoal smokers. Wood chips added to the gas smoker produce an excellent smoky flavor. Many cooks enjoy the cleaner use and easier clean up with gas smokers. Charcoal can be quite messy. Herbs added to the smoker will enhance the flavors of foods and a pot of water in the smoker can provide more moisture for making meats and other foods tender and juicy.

Why you should use gas smokers?

Here are major reasons for using gas smokers

  1. Change is good. It’s nice to cook the roast or salmon a different way. New flavors can be infused into meats, fish, poultry, and the wild game simply by using different kinds of wood chips such as hickory, applewood, mesquite and many other options.
  2. It’s Easy. An l gas smoker is so simple to use, anyone can do it. Water or no water, put the food in, start it up with the integrated ignition, and off you go. No complicated methods or confusing directions.
  3. Versatility. The gas smoker converts to a grill about waist high, so you can use it to cook hamburgers or grill pizza or corn on the cob when you’re not smoking your latest catch.
  4. Mouthwatering flavor. There’s something about smoked meat or fish or chicken that just enhances that gas smoker that you put on.



Here are some of the reasons we prefer using gas smokers more than available means:


1. It uses gas as the heating source instead of traditional charcoal or wood.

This translates into two benefits. First, there is ease in keeping the temperature regulated, which has been troublesome to those who are new to smoking. Secondly, the lack of wood or coal also means there are no ashes to clean up.

2. The lack of need for wood or coal also means that gas smokers are easy to transport.

Whether taking it for a tailgate party, or an extended camping weekend, the fired smokers are a logical choice for traveling when you want to feed a group with a light travel setup.

3. Gas smokers are versatile.

The food cooks at a slow rate, which produces tender meat with a smoky flavor. It can also be for many different types of meat, making gas smokers one of the most versatile tools in an outdoor kitchen.

4. Using smokers make it easy to step back in time and relearn the lost art of preserving food

Our ancestors needed to preserve food over the winter months, they would smoke it. While most of us don’t need to have a full smoker house, there is something empowering about being able to smoke our own food and know that we can provide for our family.

Why you should not use gas smokers?

  • Gas Smoker are expensive to afford
  • Most gas smoker charge higher prices making it difficult for one to buy.
  • Some of the gas smokers have the side effect on our health