Bourbon Marinated Smoked Salmon Recipe

Milton Greenaway

There is no doubt that salmon fishes are considered to be one of the tastiest and nutritious fishes available in planet earth. If we are able to come out with a suitable dish from this fish it certainly will appeal to the taste buds of many people We will look at the methods, recipes and ways by which we can make marinated, smoked salmon using your smoker.

Bourbon Marinated Smoked Salmon Recipe

Salmon is one of the few fishes which is fatty and rich and which can stand up to the heat generated by the electric motor. This certainly can become one of the best electric smoker recipes provided it is prepared the right way. Here we go about the entire recipes and the way it is cooked the best way.

Simple Steps How To Make Smoked Salmon

When you decide to prepare smoked recipes using large sized fishes, you must make it a point to go through some ground work. You must remove the thin pin bones and other small bones which get deeply entrenched in the fillet. You could take the help of the local butcher who could help on this. You can do it in your home but it will be a time consuming process. You can do this by running your fingers through the fish meat and using tweezers you can pull the bones out. This is the first step as far as making the best electric smoker recipes from salmon fish is concerned.

You must then season the salmon and there are quite a few ways you can do it. You can just use pepper and salt or you could use a dry rub or even season it using marinade or brine.

The smoker must be pre-heated and must be allowed to reach a temperature of 210 degrees. You could add apple and cherry as sweet wood chips.

Once the smoker has been pre-heated you could smoke the fish and the process should take nothing less than 3 hours. The internal temperature should reach around 150 degree F and only then the fillets must be removed from the heat. You could use dig.

Ingredients That You Will Need

For the marinade you would need 2 tablespoon of bourbon, brown sugar, soy sauce and 1 spoon of Dijon mustard. Additionally you must take 4 skinless salmon filets and they must be boneless. Salt and pepper could be added to taste. You also would need to add around 1/2 cup of sour cream, nicely chopped dill, lemon juice and cherry wood chips.

How To Make The Recipe

The mustard, brown sugar, bourbon and soy sauce must be combined. The salmon must be put in a plastic bag and the marinade must be added and distributed evenly. The smoker box must have a handful of wood chips and this should be made available in the Char Boil Electric smoker. Water must be added. The salmon must be then placed on a baking sheet which must be foil-lined and rimmed.

It must be put into the electric smoker and must be allowed to smoke till the internal temperature of 150 degrees is reached. You must then remove the fish and add sour cream, dill, mustard and lemon separately in a bow and the same must be mixed thoroughly and serve with the salmon. We are sure this will be one of the best electric smoker recipes that one can come across.