Masterbuilt 20070411 30-Inch Top Controller Electric Smoker Review

Masterbuilt best electric smoker under 300
Mark Orwig

This 30″ Electric Smoker from Masterbuilt does it all. Perfect for indoor/outdoor cooking, this stainless steel smokehouse features a viewing window to see your meat as it smokes. It comes with a RF remote that you can use to control your temperature, time setting, internal light, and internal meat temperature when using the built-in meat probe (see latest price).

Masterbuilt best electric smoker under 300

This is one of the best electric smoker you should consider buying. It has built in wheels for easy handling and moving, and a thermostat temperature control to allow even cooking from 100 to 275 degrees. Its 4 chrome cooking racks boast 730 square-inches of cooking space and the convenient wood chip loader which prevents heat loss by eliminating the need to open and close the door to reload wood chips.

Why you should buy Masterbuilt Electric Smoker?


The smoker has a spacious inside, with the 4 interior smoking racks offering more than two cubic feet of smoking capacity. As a result, you’ll have enough room for your fish, ham, sausage, chicken, or jerky–enough to feed huge crowds on special occasions, holidays, and family reunions.


It offers easy-to-use interface so you can easily control the level of smoke, keep the temperature consistent, and get the best results. You can control this smoker with the following:

  • Remote. An RF remote controls the temperature, time, internal light and monitors time, temperature and meat temperature.
  • Built-In Temperature Probe. The inbuilt meat temperature probe allows you to cook your meats exactly to your liking every time.
  • Outside of the smoker, you’ll notice the digital controls that you can use to adjust the smoke, temperature, and timer settings.

Viewing Window

The Masterbuilt 30-Inch Electric Smoker features a viewing window that you can use to monitor how the meat is cooking at any point, whether it is in the daytime or at night.

Convenient and easy to use

This model is easy to use, and it produces great results every time. The wood chips are easy to load in from the side, so you don’t lose heat, and there is an air damper so you can vent the smoker if needed. Fill the loader with wood chips, then slide it to the side of your smoker, and watch it smoke. For your convenience, there are additional features such as the drip pan underneath and a grease pan which is mounted on the back.


The attached handle and sturdy wheels make transporting it from one location to another easy.

What we love about the Masterbuilt 30 inch Electric Smoker

  • The external controls are easy to use.
  • It has a remote control.
  • It has a window for viewing.
  • It has a large cooking space inside.
  • It has an interior light.
  • The handle and wheels give it great portability.
  • The thermostat is adjustable from 100 to 275 degrees.
  • It has an inbuilt meat temperature probe.
  • It has a removable drip pan for easy cleaning.
  • Wood chips are easy to load from the side.

What we hate about the Masterbuilt 30 inch Electric Smoker

The wiring and heating element may burn out over time with consistent use, much more quickly than the wiring and elements found in more expensive high-end units.

Final Verdict

The Masterbuilt 30-inch Digital Smoker is the best smoker and ideal for the beginners and the pros alike. You’ll achieve competition-ready results right in your own back yard, without the hassle of propane or charcoal. Simply plug the smoker in, then set its digital controls, and it does the work! Masterbuilt makes smoking simple.

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The Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker Review

char-broil electric smoker
Mark Orwig

Anyone who enjoys well-cooked meat knows using a smoker is the way to go. Evidently, smoking as a way of cooking meat has gained a lot of popularity due to the way it produces juicy and adequately flavored meat pieces that will leave anyone craving for more. If it so happens that you are one of those people, then it’s perhaps the ideal time to get your very own electric smoker and start enjoying those moments more frequently.

char-broil electric smoker
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Getting a smoker, however, is a difficult ordeal that no one will most probably be upfront about. There are just too many brands in the market, enough to get your head spinning. In case, you find yourself in such a turmoil, don’t panic; the Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker is ideal for both the learner and the experienced.

Why go for the Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker?

There are a number of key things you need to look for in an best digital electric smoker and this one from char-boil has all of it. First, size matters, and its 725 Square Inch cooking capacity is enough to smoke any type of meat, be it for a relatively small gathering or a big party. In addition, its wide array of features only guarantee quality on top of quantity when it all comes down to cooking meat.

Its most prevalent characteristic is its double-wall construction, which is specifically made to keep all the smoke and heat for cooking within the cooking compartment. This double-wall construction is insulated from the inside to trap heat in, upholding all the levels of cooking efficiency. Inside, there are a total of 4 cooking racks that easily adjust for meat placement.

How to use Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker?

Once you have everything set and ready, a stainless-steel glass door with dual-tone finish allows you to lock your electric smoker tightly with the help of a stainless-steel latch, so that no cooking smoke is lost to the outside. This, and the dual wall construction feature gives a 4-7 hour cooking time without an extra refill required.

Furthermore, it comes with a standard temperature gauge that allows you to easily monitor the cooking temperature straight from the display. Working with the temperature gauge is a meat probe that is inserted in the meat to ideally measure the temperature. Its control panel is advanced in every way, and employs the use of a simple LED display system that is easily visible.

As you can see, the Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker is perfectly suited for an easy and hassle-free smoking experience. Its additional feature include: 

  • A grease tray for easy grease removal and cleaning.
  • A warming feature, which is meant to keep your food warm after cooking is done, and
  • A remote controller for temperature adjustments even when you’re physically out of reach.


  • Has a set of wheels and a handle that allows for easy mobility.
  • Removable temperature gauge for easy and convenient placement on the smoker.
  • Window for easy and fast inspection of the food.
  • Remote control function for temperature control when far from the control panel.


The Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker has some drawbacks to its name besides its obvious tremendous functionality and elegant design, including:

  • Limited cooking temperature of 250 degrees Fahrenheit, hence limiting the foods you cook.
  • Insufficient smoke flavor, which means you have to make use of different wood chips, and
  • A heating element that depreciates with time.

The Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker is also difficult to clean; it is quite difficult to pry off the smoke stains after you cook.

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Bradley Original Electric Smoker Review

bradley electric smoker under $300
Mark Orwig

Bradley Original Smoker written by: Ruthie Are you looking for a way to give your meats and cheeses that smokey flavor? Well, with modern technology and in this case with the Bradley Original Smoker, you can achieve this. Gone are the days when you had to dig a pit, light a few chunks of charcoal and bury your meat for days. This smoking appliance facilitates an easy smoking process in a few hours and with minimal manual supervision. If you are looking for the best electric smoker under $300 then this is for you.

best electric smoker under $300

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It is designed with an automatic wood feeder system and an accurate wood temperature control that basically controls the whole process hence smoking to your preference. If you prefer a light smokey flavor, a few hours will do but if you like that heavy smokey sensation, set the smoker to run for the entire 8 hours.

Power Features of the Bradley Original Smoker

1- Automatic Wood Briquette Feeder System

As with all other products of technology, we are all looking for an efficient way to cook our foods without actually supervising the process. With this smoker, you can attend to other duties during the smoking process. Take advantage of the automatic wood briquette feeder system to provide a continuous yet clean smoke for up to 8 hours. The amount of briquettes that you use will determine the amount of the smokey flavor. Once you get these in, you do not have to supervise the process until the food is ready.

2. High Interior Temperatures

You can set the temperature of the smoker up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Besides it creating a deep smokey flavor, this smoker can be used as a slow cooker. The temperature can be lowered to your preference.The maximum temperature will fuel the process for up to 8 hours without your need to add more briquettes.

3. Stainless Steel Lining

The interior of the smoker is made of stainless steel which facilitates perfect smoking during both hot and cold days. This prevents the dramatic temperature fluctuations which interfere with the smokey flavor in foods. This is a feature that additionally facilitates easy cleaning and prevents rusting hence adding life to the appliance.

4. Four Racks

Within the cabinets are four racks that provide ample space for food. You’d also be pleased to learn that there are separate compartments for smoking and baking foods. The new design features extra support to prevent the racks from falling over when tipped hence convenience. The heat controls are effectively situated on the smoke generator in order to prevent damage to the switch via moisture. The extra large front feet keep the smoker sturdy and rooted which prevents accidents and promotes easy use.

Features For

  • Easy to use even for beginners
  • Sturdy build
  • No manual supervision needed
  • Doubles up as a slow cooking oven
  • Removable side panels for easy cleaning

Features Against

  • Small in size hence ideal for home use only

If you are looking for a best smoker that will effectively manage smoking family sized portions of food, then the Bradley Original Smoker is a worthy investment. With the four racks, you can stack a variety of food products hence ruling out the need to repeat the process severally. This not only saves you the time but the energy as well. After the smoking process, clean up is easy as you only need to remove the side panels in order to gain access to all parts of the interior.

Bradley Original Smoker is the best electric smoker under $300

The Bradley Original Smoker is truly one of the best electric smokers that people can find under $300. The Bradley Smokers brand has been a favorite for sportsmen and chefs alike thanks to its consistent performance. It’s easier to control and produces better tasting foods.

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Old Smokey Electric Smoker Review

old smokey best electric smoker under $200
Mark Orwig

The Old Smokey is one of the most popular smoker companies in the world and one of their best brands is the old Smokey electric smoker. This electric version is easy to use, produces great barbecue with less effort, and one of the least expensive in the market today. Are you tight in budget then go for Old smokey electric smoker because this is one of the great option if you are hunting for a best electric smoker under $200.

old smokey best electric smoker under $200

It comes with a great design, two cooking racks, requires no water, and is made of corrosion resistant aluminized steel.  Here are some of the main features that make it a favorite among many people.

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Why you should buy Old Smokey Electric Smoker?

1- Simple Design

Old Smokey is one of the smokeys that has been created to have the simplest designs ever possible. With only a cylindrical shape and four grates that slide in, you will easily smoke all of your meat without any trouble. Since it is electric, it also means that controlling it and maintaining its temperature is relatively easy. You can even choose to set it and forget it until all the work is done.

2- Sealed lid that fits tight

One of the best features of the old Smokey electric smoker is that it comes with a sealed lid thus not allowing any of the meat juices to fall outside. In addition to this, it also ensures that the steam and heat stay inside so that the juices fall back on the meat to give it a juicier taste.

3- Electric heating system with 1250 watt heat element

Since this is an electric smoker, you can be sure that it won’t leave any leftover ashes thus no need to worry about using it indoors. The unit incorporates a 1250 watt heat element in the base with a smoke plate above the element. You will only need to plug it in to start and start cooking in a variety of styles as it is variable heat thermostat controlled.

4- Adjustable temperature

If you are the kind of person who always monitors the temperature of the smoker all through then you need to get your hands on this product. This smoker features an adjustable heat control to enable you adjust heat whenever you want. This allows you to cook all types of foods regardless of their different temperature requirements.

Advantages of using the old smoker electric smoker

  • Cooks any type of meat from fish to beef
  • Adjustable temperature thus no need for monitoring
  • Highly durable
  • Can also be used indoor
  • Excellent heat control

Customer Reviews

Most of the customers were satisfied with this product. However, one particular customer pointed out difficulty in cleaning it. He stated that tar and grime can build up in some of its smaller parts and when this happens it becomes hard to remove them. Although this isn’t a major drawback, you should think of it if you have a problem cleaning a smoker.

Old Smokey is the best electric smoker under $200

The old Smokey electric smoker is a great smoker that will be your lifetime companion thanks to its weather resistant design. It is highly durable, includes an automatic slow-cooking feature, and an adjustable heat control to help you cook like a professional. If you are the type of person who always have to check for the fuel supply throughout your cooking then this is the best electric smoker under $200.00 and you will be hard pressed to find any better option than this.

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Smoke Hollow 30162E 30-Inch Electric Smoker Review

smoke hallow electric smoker under 200
Mark Orwig

I have been using Smoke Hollow 30162E 30-Inch Electric Smoker for about 1 month now and let me tell you that I am EXTREMELY satisfied with this product. This is, by far, the best smoker that I have ever used. After a lot of research on the internet and consulting a few friends of mine, I got to know of this product. The positive reviews from them enticed me to purchase it right away.

smoke hallow electric smoker under 200

Once the product was shipped and the box was opened, there appeared another smaller box and then after opening that one, my smoker was right in front of my eyes. All safe and intact, with no visible damage. Well, that was not enough, I wanted to make sure that there weren’t any invisible damages either.

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Assembling the Smoke Hollow 30162E 30-Inch Electric Smoker

I went with the directions as mentioned in the manual and it took good about 45 minutes for me to assemble the product completely. I had researched about the product, hence, I was already aware that on the inside of the smoker, the screws should be not be drilled with the cordless drill and should only be Hand Tightened or else I would have messed up the screw heads by chipping it off. And BRAVO! Everything went perfectly as it supposed to be.

The design of the Smoke Hollow 30162E 30-Inch Electric Smoker

The design and finish of this product are really appealing to eyes. It has got two side handles which makes the moving work much easier. It has an amazing magnetic door latching system. The only hitch that I observed here is that the outside metal covering/skin is comparatively thinner. You have to be extra cautious regarding it otherwise, it will easily develop dents or bend (keep children away from it). Rest everything seemed up to the mark.

The final test

Two days later, I had planned to arrange a small gathering for my family and few close friends for a dinner. And it was then I decided to this product through a final test.

The capacity of the Smoke Hollow 30162E 30-Inch Electric Smoker

The technical specifications claimed that it has dimensions of 17 X 15 X 31in, which seemed fairly good to me on hearing, but it actually surprised when it held ribs, pork shoulder steaks, a leg of lamb and few chicken wings all at its very first smoke!

The Result

I started off cooking with the outdoor temperature of about 45 degrees. All through the cook time, the smoker maintained its temperature fairly well (of about 220 to 250 degrees). The entire cook time was about 3.5 hours, during which I had to refill the wood chip compartment and the water just once. That means, one-time fill would last for somewhere around 90 minutes, which further implies that you don’t need to keep an eye on in particular. The first time experience with this product was pretty good.

Though I suggest to use an aluminum foil for easy cleaning and to prevent messing up the inside of the smoker. Once I was done with everything, I observed the black greasy water and spills have messed up the entire place and that did disappoint me a bit. However, later on, I discovered a fix and that was to seal the lower joints on the inside of the smoker using a sealant. And Voila! Since then it worked perfectly for me.

All in all the product is really amazing. Nothing in this world is perfect, however, a few things can be made near to perfect with mere fixes and this product is one of them. I really recommend this product because this is one of the best electric smokers available in the market today in very much affordable price range.

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Smokehouse Products Little Chief Front Load Electric Smoker Review

smokehouse electric smoker under 100
Mark Orwig

If you enjoy the tantalizing smokey flavor in your meats and fish then you probably understand the value of a smoker. This unique appliance enables you to smoke your own fish, meat, pork or any other game meat in the comfort of your home. Although there are many smokers out in the market, some definitely deserve a mention.

smokehouse electric smoker under 100

The little chief smoker is a modern version of the Big Chief. If you’ve been around for more than 4 decades then you likely are familiar with the previous version. The little chief does the same job but bears slightly different features which make the smoking process easier and the results better. The little chief is the best electric smoker under $200.

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Product Perks

1- Front Loader

Anyone who’s used the Big chief knows how cumbersome it is to load your food from the top. With the front load design, the loading process takes only a few minutes. This door is designed to completely detach when not in use. This way, you can easily remove your smoked meats without worrying about your arm getting scarred by the hot door. This design allows you to maximize on space within the smoker hence smoking bigger batches. This feature also facilitates easy cleaning as you’d be able to reach all areas of the smoker during cleaning.

2- Embossed Aluminium Construction

One of the biggest worries for outdoor appliances is their build and endurance to strong weather. With the strong and durable design of this smoker, you do not have to worry about strong winds interfering with the smoking process or rains leaving rust stains on it. Aluminium material is ideal for the outdoors and doesn’t interfere with the performance or the life of the smoker.

3. Chrome Plated Grills

Inside the little Chief Smoker are four equal racks. These facilitate ample space to smoke your meats, fish, pork and other game meat. Underneath the racks are trays which trap the juices coming from the meats. This prevents cross contamination and interference of the taste of the different meats on each section. You’d find this very handy in the cleaning process as you do not have to wipe off the walls and base of the smoker after use.

4. Riveted Handles

Take advantage of the sturdy riveted handles when you need to move the smoker from one place to the other. Due to its compact size, you do not need an extra pair of hands to operate it. However, it is important that you do this before and not during the cooking process.

Prolific Features

  • Non adjustable heating element rules out the need for manual manipulation of the temperature controls
  • Dish Washer safe drip pans
  • Durable construction
  • Easy slide-in chrome plated grills
  • Vented for proper dehydration

Challenge Features

  • Not ideal for cooking but for smoking only

If you are looking for a highly effective and best electric smoker for the money that will add the tantalizing smokey flavor in your meats then the little Chief Smoker is a worthy purchase. Its small construction facilitates its maneuverability hence making the smoking process a one-man job. Since the temperature is non-adjustable, the level of the smokey flavor will determine the duration of the process. For mild flavor, you will only need to keep your food in for a shorter period of time compared to if you want it heavy.

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