Char-Broil Vertical Charcoal Smoker Review

Milton Greenaway

There is no doubt that when it comes to smoking, grilling, baking and other such methods of cooking, charcoal grill and smoker still continues to be one of the best and most sought after. This is because of the unique aroma and the whiff of charcoal which it leaves behind. However, choosing the right and best charcoal smoker is a tough job given the various options which we have.

Char-Broil Vertical Charcoal Smoker
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But those who have tried Char-Broil vertical charcoal smoker have found it to be quite good and many customers have considered it to be a good investment. Therefore it would not be a bad idea to have a look at the various features and functionalities.

Some Interesting Features

There are a number of interesting features which go in making it an interesting proposition. For example it provides a decent 365 square inches of cooking surface. It comes with 3 chrome plated cooking grates which are adjustable. Further it also has high quality adjustable dampers. They help a lot in controlling heat and smoke when the cooking process is on. It also features a unique cool touch handle. This goes a long way in protecting the hands and at the same time help in having a strong and firm grip on the grill lid.

A few more interesting features are worth mention. For example it has a pull out drawer which is easy and convenient to use. It easily catches ash and therefore cleaning is quite simply and does not consume too much of time. It also comes with an easy to fill water pan that is porcelain coated and has a slide in feature.

It produces a fantastic combination of smoke, flavor and heat and this is what any charcoal grill is supposed to provide. It has an inbuilt temperature gauge which helps you to control the heat. This can be done either by adjusting the multiple dampers in the unit or by tending to the charcoal pan. It also has a unique lower access door which makes it easy to tend the charcoal and also the water pans. This can be done without losing heat. The chrome plated spring handle continue to remain cool even when it has fire in it. It is recommended that the firebox be kept clean to avoid unwanted flare ups. It comes with an overall dimension of 21.5 x 20.8 x 39 inches and weighs 30 pounds.


It has a reasonably big chamber size and temperature move up quite fast.

Good enough to meet the needs of a small party with enough room for smoking.

It has a decent height for easy food maintenance and fire management.

It has an ergonomic look and sophisticated and attractive appearance.

It comes with an accurate thermometer.

The water bowl is also quite big and suitable for 3 hour smoke.


The charcoal bowl leaves much to be desired.

Shipping when bought online could pose some problems with damages.

It would have been even better with a four cooking racks.


Once the pros and cons have been factored, and once the features have been considered, there are many reasons to buy this product rather than not buying it. I hope after reading this review you would be able to choose the best charcoal smoker for your home or outdoor Bbq fun!

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