Cuisinart COS-118 Vertical 18 inch Charcoal Smoker Review

Milton Greenaway

The Cuisinart Vertical 18″ charcoal is an awesome charcoal smoker designed to serve you for a very long time. It is an all-around smoker with abundant space that allows you to smoke a variety of foods you adore. If you are looking for the best charcoal smoker, Cuisinart Vertical 18” is the perfect solution.

Cuisinart Vertical Charcoal Smoker
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What makes Cuisinart Vertical 18” a unique and the best charcoal smoker?

– It is 45 inches tall

-Water is held in a porcelain coated steel bowl

-The steel housing makes the smoker robust.

– It has Enormous cooking space since it boasts of a record 512 square inches.

-Offers great control of heat and the ensuing smoke.

-It is very easy to clean and simple maintain.


Benefits Cuisinart Vertical 18”

The uniqueness of this best charcoal smoker will offer you the following benefits;

Perfect for smoking a variety of your esteemed foods

With this excellent smoker, you can basically smoke all kinds of your beloved meals. This includes meat, fish, chicken, vegetables and cheese among others. You will find it very easy to assemble and it comes with all the accessories apart from the fuel. Water is safely held at the steel bowl which is ceramic enhanced. Furthermore, this best smoker has an upright side door which enables you to access fuel and water with ease.

Comes with two air vents

It has never been easy to regulate the amount of warmth and smoke as it is with Cuisnart vertical 18-inch charcoal smoker. This splendid smoker allows you to open or close the two air vents in order to control the quantity of heat and smoke exiting from the chamber. You can easily access your foods as they smoke by just lifting the lid. Cleaning and maintaining the smoker is effortless.

The smoker has Double steel smoking racks

The Cuisinart vertical 18” charcoal smoker comes with a duo steel wire racks that be mounted inside the 512 square inches smoking chamber. You have enough space to smoke your meat, fish, full chicken and vegetables. You can smoke your meat and vegetables simultaneously by placing them in the upper and lower smoking sections. It is one of the best smokers that you can use outdoors and perfect for entertaining your guests with mouth-watering smoked food.

The smoker is straight-forward to use

The Cuisinart 18-inch charcoal smoker is trouble-free as you cook. After lighting the charcoal, insert few wood pieces and fill the water bowl. The next step is to load your food inside the two racks. The upright barrel supplies the heat uniformly all over the cooking chamber thereby smoking your food. Use the two air vents to manage the amount of heat and smoke.

You can use Cuisinart 18” charcoal smoker outdoors

The smoker is easy to carry around and hence you can enjoy your hot smoked food while in a trip. It is designed for expert cooks and chefs and hence you can have confidence and trust in it. Cuisinart 18” charcoal smoker is the best smoker for folks looking for superior quality of which Cuisinart is popular for.

The above overview shows that Cuisinart 18-inch is the best vertical charcoal smoker that you can use to cook your loved meals.

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