Spareribs Electric Water Smoker Recipe

Milton Greenaway

This also could be considered as one of the best electric smoker recipes which is easy to make and can be made within a reasonably short period of time. Let us see how it goes.

Spareribs Electric Water Smoker Recipe

The Ingredients Required

You would require each of rib rub, apple sauce, water and 2 slabs of baby back ribs.

How To Make

You must coat the baby back slabs with generous quantity of rib rub. The coating must be done on both the sides. If the rub comes with salt you must be sure that you do not add too much of it, lest it becomes excessively salty. There is nothing more depressing that ribs which are excessively salty.

You must have a water pan and the same must be placed in the smoker. You also need to have 2 to three chunks of smoke wood and the same must be foiled and wrapped properly. They must be placed next to the electric element but you must ensure that they must not be touching the electric elements. Once this is done, the slabs must be placed inside the electric smoker in the top racks. The lid must be put on and only then must the smoker be plugged in. Should there be a temperature controls the same must be set to 225 degrees. This will ensure that you will be able to come out with one of the best electric smoker recipes.

Once the first chunk of wood has been smoked out, you must add the second chunk and the third must then be added. While adding the wood chunks, you must try and avoid removing the top lid at least during the first 2 hours of the smoking so that the best of taste and aroma is maintained and you are able to come out with what you consider as the best electric smoker recipes consisting of ribs.

Once the smoking has been done for 2 hours, you must start basing the ribs. This must be done every half hour. You could do this using apple juice combined with water. You must ensure that you are basting both sides. The process of complete smoking in an electric smoker should take around 4 hours. You must check for the tenderness of the ribs. The rib meat when cooked properly should come apart easily when the bones are pulled away from one another.


The above are just two examples and if you look around you will be able to come out with some other stunning recipes using electric smokers which are nutritious, smoking hot and tasty.

Technology is changing quite dramatically and today what is known as electric smoker which is creating new vistas as far as cooking methods are concerned. Put in simple words they are household kitchen appliances which allow people to smoke and cook meat without having to bother too much about the task of taking care of the cooking equipment. There is no doubt that smoking has been around for centuries and almost each one of us are fascinated with the tenderness, flavor and texture that smoker adds to the entire meat preparation.

There are many different types of meat preparation which can be possible using best electric smokers. We will try and look at two such stunning recipes using electric smoker. Though there could be many candidates for the best electric smoker recipes it would be worthwhile having a look at the two which is being talked about over the next few lines.