Best Wood for Smoking Ribs

Milton Greenaway

Barbecues in general are a big part of every nation’s culture, in lay man’s term, everybody love barbecues and everybody love a good succulent ribs.  What set aside these smoked ribs is the flavor of the wood used to cook these ribs. The good smoky flavor that had penetrated the meat deep inside of it is one of the best things that you could possibly taste.

Being considered as a big factor in the flavors of smoked ribs, here are some of the type of woods you can use to further advance the flavor profile of you Smoked Ribs, besides smoking is the art and science of barbecue.

Fruit wood chips

Woods such as cherry and apple are commonly used to impart sweetness on your meat. They enhance the flavor profile of your meat by imparting the aroma of the said fruit.

Apple wood chips and the varieties of it are what commonly used chip to smoke a rib. Apples are usually a part of some rib baste. By using apple wood chips, you can intensify that particular flavor.

Hickory wood chips

Hickory is the most commonly used on pork as they are strong enough to stay on the meat. Together with maple, oak and pecan. This wood chip category are the forth runners. They are widely used and are in abundance in terms of supply.

Mesquite wood chips

These are the strongest type of wood chips to be used on smoking. They are delicate to handle, it is either you can use these as a flavor enhancer or just an invaluable smoke if not uses in moderation. It gives good flavor in a short amount of time.

My personal favorite wood to use is Nectarine. It is almost the same with Hickory but its flavors are much more intense and noticeable.

In order for you to master the art of smoking you can start by experimenting on different kinds of wood you can find. You can start by mix matching them according to your taste buds. This will give you the ultimate skill in smoking meats, being able to know what kind of wood to use on different types of meat and different types of barbecue.

You can use wood chunks for longer hours of smoking because they last so much longer than wood chips and they do not need to be soaked in water before you can use it.

If you want to make the smoke rings visible to your meat you can use wood chips or chunks that still have its bark, the bark gives of a more intense smoke and flavor to your meats making it more delicious and succulent.

You can actually use any kind of wood you want even those trees that you find on your backyard. As long as they are hard and free of saps you can use it. Always remember that the wood that you will use on your smoker should be dried and seasoned. By doing so you are giving it a better chance to add a note on your meats making it worthwhile to make. Smoking takes a lot of time and effort so try to make it count.

By knowing your woods. You can be a step closer on being a master on the grill using best smoker available at home or outdoor.