Camp Chef Electric Smoker Review

Milton Greenaway

Electric smoking is a great approach in regards to smoke cooking dishes. Whenever you are looking in the market for an electric smoker, you need to have into consideration their benefits in comparison to other types of smokers. Electric smokers facilitate the process of temperature maintenance at the proper levels to provide the perfect smoke cooking process. One of the best electric smokers available in the market is the Camp Chef Smoker 18″ Smoke Vault, and you will get to see why.

camp chef electric smoker

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Why you should go for Camp Chef Electric Smoker?

Lock in the delicious smoked flavor of hickory, mesquite, cherry, and more to your meat with the Camp Chef Smoke Vault 18”. This simple yet best electric smoker for beginners and professionals will cook your meats slow and low with a heavy gauge steel wood chip try and water pan; this technique will infuse your meats with a delicious flavor you can’t get in any other way. Use Smoke Vault for various foods from turkey and ribs to baked pies. Completely adjustable heat control dials, 3 damper valves, and its door thermometer will enable you to control internal temperatures when cooking. Cooking temperatures vary from 160F to 400F.

Easy conversion to natural gas

Unlike most residential gas smokers, the Camp Chef Smoker 18″ Smoke Vault is easy to convert to natural gas. While this may seem like a feature that manufacturers should always provide with their appliances, this is only limited to Camp Chef products for now.

Easy to clean up

Cleaning up this smoker is quite simple and the removable porcelain tray makes it even simpler. Apart from that, you do not need any special cleaning equipment. All that is required is a clean cloth along with some warm soapy water.

The extra power

Electric smokers are expensive and prone to failures. However, gas-powered smokers, such as this one, are free from all such issues. It is much more powerful and will give you a quicker response when you adjust the heat, which makes it the perfect smoker and grill to buy for any kind of usage.

Precise control of heat and smoke

The Camp Chef Smoker 18″ Smoke Vault has three fully adjustable damper valves, one on each side and one on the top. This ensures that you can control the heat and smoke as per your preference.

Smoke anything you want without any hassle

This Camp Chef grill and smoker can be used for adding your favorite flavors to anything you want- right from fish, turkeys, ribs to even breads and pies. Another distinctive advantage of this smoker is that you can even use it for smoking pizzas, as this is one of those rare products by the vault smoke shop that can be cranked up really high!

Lightweight yet sturdy

The Camp Chef Smoker 18″ Smoke Vault is extremely well-built and sturdy. Despite that, it is quite light and made using thin metals.

Excellent build-quality

Unlike other cheap and average quality products, this grill is built using quality construction materials and techniques, thus helping it to last longer than any other products in this range.

The best features of Camp Chef Electric Smoker

  • Price is very reasonable.
  • Great smoker for beginner
  • Easy to control temperature
  • Plenty of room
  • Well-constructed
  • Easy to convert to natural gas

The drawbacks of Camp Chef Electric Smoker

  • Door mounted thermometer quite inaccurate
  • Limited rack space
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