Smoke Hollow PS2415 24-Inch Pellet Smoker Grill Review

Milton Greenaway

Are you in search of pellet smoker that will provide you with an authentic smoked flavor? Try Smoke Hollow ps2415 24-inch Pellet Smoker grill (see latest price).

This wood-fueled smoker and grill will give you real barbecue taste that you are yearning for. Though the process of cooking may take several hour tastes is worth waiting. You will be amazed by the ease at which the unit is operated. You do not require a user manual to start with smoking and barbecuing. The unit comes with many unique qualities that are attracting a majority of the buyers.

smoke hallow pellet smoker grill

Top Qualities of Smoke Hollow PS2415 24-Inch Pellet Smoker

Several unique qualities are attracting many buyers to Smoke Hollow ps2415 24-inch Pellet Smoker grill. Here are some of the main qualities that are admired by many:

  • Digital LED thermostat – The operations of this unit are digitally controlled. The presence of the digital LED thermostat helps in monitoring the internal temperatures of the unit. You don’t have about your food getting burnt. The unit has the temperature controlled to precision. You are only required to set and let the unit do the rest of cooking.
  • High temperatures ranges- Most of the pellet smokers in the market have temperature problems. Some of the food requires high temperature to cook, but not many units can hit the required degrees. It is a problem that has been solved by this unit. With Smoke Hollow ps2415 24-inch Pellet Smoker grill you can hit nearly 500 degrees that are enough for any food.
  • Spacious cooking area- How spacious the unit is will determine how much food you can smoke at a time. It cannot be disputed that most of the smokers on the market cannot be relied on for a huge party – they limited cooking area. With a 440 square inches cooking area, the unit is spacious enough to cook for a group or a large family.

There are also plenty of advantages that you will enjoy by having this pellet smoker unit. Most of them are competition brand issues addressed by this unit. These are some of the main advantages that you will enjoy:

  • Baking – apart from grilling and smoking, this unit can also be used for baking purposes
  • Easy to use- the unit is designed to be easy for use. You just need to load the wood pellets, select temperature and let the unit do the cooking.
  • Easy to clean up – the draining of the grease and the removal of ashes is very simple.
  • Maximum utilization of pellets –The control of temperature by the LED digital thermostat ensures a maximum use of wood pellets.

Main Flaws

Though Smoke Hollow ps2415 24-inch Pellet Smoker has many qualities and advantages, there are a few shortcomings that you should be aware of. Here are some of the main flaws:

  • Temperature may fluctuate due to the wind if it’s an outdoor grilling or smoking
  • The portability of the unit is limited by power supply unless you have a generator

Smoke Hollow ps2415 24-inch Pellet Smoker grill the perfect pellet smoker that you need. It is one of the few cookers that provide true barbecue taste. The unit comes with plenty of qualities that are not easy to find. It is easily assembled, cleaned and comfortable to use. With this best pellet smoker, you will have fun barbecuing, smoking and grilling.

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