Smokehouse Products Little Chief Front Load Electric Smoker Review

Milton Greenaway

If you enjoy the tantalizing smokey flavor in your meats and fish then you probably understand the value of a smoker. This unique appliance enables you to smoke your own fish, meat, pork or any other game meat in the comfort of your home. Although there are many smokers out in the market, some definitely deserve a mention.

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The little chief smoker is a modern version of the Big Chief. If you’ve been around for more than 4 decades then you likely are familiar with the previous version. The little chief does the same job but bears slightly different features which make the smoking process easier and the results better. The little chief is the best electric smoker under $200.

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Product Perks

1- Front Loader

Anyone who’s used the Big chief knows how cumbersome it is to load your food from the top. With the front load design, the loading process takes only a few minutes. This door is designed to completely detach when not in use. This way, you can easily remove your smoked meats without worrying about your arm getting scarred by the hot door. This design allows you to maximize on space within the smoker hence smoking bigger batches. This feature also facilitates easy cleaning as you’d be able to reach all areas of the smoker during cleaning.

2- Embossed Aluminium Construction

One of the biggest worries for outdoor appliances is their build and endurance to strong weather. With the strong and durable design of this smoker, you do not have to worry about strong winds interfering with the smoking process or rains leaving rust stains on it. Aluminium material is ideal for the outdoors and doesn’t interfere with the performance or the life of the smoker.

3. Chrome Plated Grills

Inside the little Chief Smoker are four equal racks. These facilitate ample space to smoke your meats, fish, pork and other game meat. Underneath the racks are trays which trap the juices coming from the meats. This prevents cross contamination and interference of the taste of the different meats on each section. You’d find this very handy in the cleaning process as you do not have to wipe off the walls and base of the smoker after use.

4. Riveted Handles

Take advantage of the sturdy riveted handles when you need to move the smoker from one place to the other. Due to its compact size, you do not need an extra pair of hands to operate it. However, it is important that you do this before and not during the cooking process.

Prolific Features

  • Non adjustable heating element rules out the need for manual manipulation of the temperature controls
  • Dish Washer safe drip pans
  • Durable construction
  • Easy slide-in chrome plated grills
  • Vented for proper dehydration

Challenge Features

  • Not ideal for cooking but for smoking only

If you are looking for a highly effective and best electric smoker for the money that will add the tantalizing smokey flavor in your meats then the little Chief Smoker is a worthy purchase. Its small construction facilitates its maneuverability hence making the smoking process a one-man job. Since the temperature is non-adjustable, the level of the smokey flavor will determine the duration of the process. For mild flavor, you will only need to keep your food in for a shorter period of time compared to if you want it heavy.

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