Smokey Mountain Cooker 18-Inch Charcoal Smoker Review

Milton Greenaway

If you want to buy a smoker for your home then Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker can be the best choice for you. the smokey cookers introduced by Weber are the best in their class because they allow you to grill your food easily.

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Though they produce these cookers in three sizes 14”, 18” and 22” but 18” model is considered as the best seller and most popular among all. The review of Weber 18-Inch Charcoal Smoker cooker provided here-under will help you to know it more closely before buying one.

Standout features of the Weber 18-Inch smokey mountain cooker

Though Weber produces these cookers in three sizes – 14”, 18” and 22” but their features and benefits are almost similar. So you can buy any of them depending upon your usage and expected number of regular guests. Outstanding features of Weber smokey mountain cooker may include:

  • Built-in thermometer in its lid: A thermometer built-in the lid of this cooker allows you to know its temperature quickly and easily while tendering the meat in it. This feature is not available in most of the other cookers in this class. It helps in automatically increasing the steam level from the water pan of this cooker to moisten the meat properly
  • Heavy duty grates for cooking: The cooking grates provided by Weber in its all types of grills are considered very durable. In this cooker they have also provided heavy duty grates with plated steel to handle extensive grilling cooking and smoking easily and efficiently.
  • Water pan coated with porcelain: In order to moisten the meat or any other food while tendering it this smokey cooker is provided with porcelain coated water pan to add steam to the cooking process.

Benefits of Weber 18-Inch smokey mountain cooker

  • Provide strong flavours: One of the main benefits of a good smoker cooker is to produce food with strong smokey flavours. This cooker fulfils this property.
  • Ease of cleaning: This smoker cooker is easy to clean by brushing its grills instead of washing its entire interior.
  • Versatility: You can use this smoker cooker to cook and smoke various types of meats and other food items like burgers, turkey.
  • hotdogs and ribs etc. without any problem. Whether you use an 18” smoker cooker or 22” model, according to the number of your guests, you can cook dozens of pork shoulders and ribs also instead of sticking only on one type of meat. Though the cooking process is a bit slow but its smokey flavour makes it worth eating.

Highs and lows of Weber 18-Inch smokey mountain cooker


  • Heats up quickly
  • Maintains temperature with the help of its sizable water pan
  • Offers lots of grilling space
  • Easily accessible design


  • It is a bit costlier

Thus after going through the above review of Weber 18 inch smokey mountain cooker you can easily buy one for you. Still you have option to choose one according to your needs as they offer these cookers in three sizes – 14”, 18” and 22”. 18” cooker can be sufficient for up to 20 people but if you expect more guests regularly then you can buy 22” model as it can accommodate up to 40 people. Weber 18 inch is one of the best charcoal smokers in affordable price range.

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